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Neighbours from Independencia street in San Miguel de Allende reported hearing shots around one in the afternoon from an incident that resulted in two dead officers.

Valentín and José, police officers with over ten years of career each, were -according to unofficial accounts- attending a call for help around 13:00 when both were hit and killed by a burst of gunfire. An operative was started to find and capture the killers up to San Luis Rey.

Thanks to the Municipal CCTV system (C4)  three suspects were found and captured in Montes de Loreto. The secretary of Seguridad Publica, General Rolando Hidalgo Eddy attended to the capture along with elements of Seguridad Publica

On Twitter, the mayor of San Miguel de Allende, Luis Alberto Villarreal condemns the attack and states he is in communication with federal and state authorities to solve the crime. 

“The deaths of the officers José Reyes and Valentìn Vargas, killed in the line of duty, won’t go unpunished”

“I share the pain and outrage that overwhelms the citizens and I express my solidarity with the relatives of the officers who lost their lives today protecting ours.”

“These times have no place for cowardice, they demand our strength and determination and we are acting accordingly. I am in close communication with federal and state authorities to solve this crime and punish those responsible.”

“I will meet soon with the relatives of our fallen officers to offer them all the support they need during these difficult moments. We will continue to work with all instances of government and society to guarantee security in our municipality.”

The story is still developing

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