With information by Ana Gaby Hdez.

If you love guacamole, keep in mind that the price of avocado 🥑 in San Miguel de Allende has shot up to $95 pesos and chances to go as far as $130.

NewsSanMiguel polled several markets and shops in the downtown area to find out the current avocado price in town.

  • Mercado Ignacio Ramírez: $95/kg And may go to $130 soon, according to some merchants.
  • Distribuidora Gemsa (in Calle de Colegio), avocados cost $95 per kilogram with a possibility of increasing to $110 over the next few days.
  • Verdulería de Mesones (across the street from the bus stop), $90 pesos per kilo.
  • Súper Carnicería Cervantes (Across the stret from Oratorio bus stop), $90 pesos per kilo.
  • Mercado de San Juan de Dios, also at $90 pesos per kilo.
  • verdulerías on Insurgentes street, $90 per Kilo.
According to merchants the price hike is due to an increase on avocado exports.
What we know…
  • Avocado price increased to $130 pesos in 2017 and it seems the history is due to repeat now in 2019, and according to PROFECO the price has reached to $100 pesos per kilo
  • The Asociación Nacional de Productores y Empacadores Exportadores de Aguacate states that the price increased because it’s the end of the harvest season and there’s a decrease in shipping.
  • the price rose across all retailers and supermarkets in San Miguel.

Written by news sanmiguel