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The latest violent incidents in San Miguel de Allende were score settling among criminal organizations, stated the city Mayor, Luis Alberto Villarreal.

Interviewed by MILENIO, the Mayor pointed that despite the increase of murders within San Miguel de Allende city limits, “more people die on (School shootings in the USA) than they do on San Miguel De Allende.

“As I say to the foreign community, on a shooting in one USA school die more people than they do in a whole year here, not that we aren’t concerned, we are working on it the problem” he said.

Demonstration held the past friday july 12th on Plaza Principal in San Miguel de Allende in reaction to the deaths of the girls Elena and Ximena. Locals and foreigners demanded justice and security for the city.

Villarreal explained his administration is not scared of facing crime. As part of the strategy the Mayor highlighted the technical and operational deployment of video surveillance to protect the population.Currently the city has 321 cctv cameras for 100,000 inhabitants, that is, about one for every 350 people. Nonetheless, Both the City and State governments have projected, by the end of the year, increase the number of devices to 529, or one for every 180 people. 


With information by MILENIO.

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