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With info by Ana Gaby Hdez. 

Today began operating the three new Cruz Roja Mexicana ambulances in San Miguel de Allende. 

The new units were unveiled during an event this morning with the presence of local Red Cross directives and staff, along Susana Chauvet, chairwoman of the board of the Sistema para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia Municipal (DIF) and delivered by Mayor Luis Alberto Villareal to Leticia Fernández de Noyola, Coordinator of the Red Cross.

The new ambulances:

  • 🚑Unit 558
    • Chevrolet 2018 equipped for basic care
    • Cost: 1 million 140 thousand pesos.
    • Financed by: “Engomados” program by the state government and donations received by the Coordinacion de Captación de Fondos by local and foreign donors.
    • Assigned to:  Fernando González and Martha Elena Yañez, paramedics
  • 🚑Unit 559
    • Chevrolet 2019 equipped for critical care
    • Cost: 1 million 140 thousand pesos.
    • Financed by: Donations and the fundraiser during the Red Cross Gala in 2018.
    • Assigned to: paramedics Juan Carlos Morin and Alberto Cabrera
  • 🚑Unit 557
    • Equipped for rescue
    • Cost: 1 million 600  thousand pesos.
    • Financed by:  “Engomados” program by the state government and by the Municipality.
    • Assigned to:  Juan José González and John Wesley.

With the new units the Red Cross in San Miguel de Allende have twelve ambulances in service of the local population; five of them are brand new (2018 and 2019).


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