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Elements from Seguridad Pública, Traffic and the 911 system are demonstrating outside the Seguridad Pública administrative offices.

The demonstration lasted from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, and yet the officers haven’t received any direct response from any authority. Among their list of demands is the destitution of General Rolando Hidalgo Eddy and the removal of the Aguascalientes personnel he brought along, besides safety guarantees to work protecting San Miguel de Allende.

Several agents remain outside the administrative building located on the exit to Querétaro.

Many citizens arrived to manifest their support, bring food and drinks and stay with the agents in solidarity.

The list of demands, transcribed:

Luis alberto Villarreal García
Presidente Municipal de
San Miguel de Allende 

  1. Replace the Seguridad Pública, Tránsito Municipal  and C4 top management and all the personnel they brought from outside our city. (This is necessary because their actions aren’t in the best interest of the people of San Miguel.  The Secretary of Seguridad Pública spends his time in meetings with friends and showing the C4 as his own trophy and neglects the municipality. The director of Tránsito Municipal makes money from his car towing company and the services he sells to the municipality, besides, he isn’t prepared for his duty. The C4 needs someone able to manage intelligence and the means at hand, since it’s the brain for all the security corporations mobility)
  2.  Keep our jobs and face no retaliation against any element from the different security corporations, like Seguridad Pública, Tránsito, 911 and C4.
  3. Respect our work hours and create a shifts system where nobody is exploited, so we can give a better service.
  4.  Respect the women privacy when using the bathroom. (we are asked to register every time we use it, and write down the kind of -no tasteful way to put it- body need to be performed)
  5.  Everyone uses the dining area, why only the 911 personnel has to clean it up? That’s a task for the staff assigned to that duty.
  6. They demand that 911 personnel is always on their work area, with no empty spaces, then why they are sent to clean the restrooms?
  7.  And end to threats from management, the physical and psychological humiliations, defamations and accusations against the personnel.
  8.  That overtime and support should be paid in money and some time off for the staff.
  9.  That on a high impact incident to be allowed to move around, we work as a team to give a better service on those moments, we know how to perform our duties. 
  10.  The Emergencies system is an area where only authorized, qualified and with C3 personnel should be allowed in. No more tours by civilians -who also make parties with the Director of Seguridad Pública- should be allowed anymore, because they only get in the way of 911 personnel to perform the work the city needs, since during those tours and parties nobody is allowed to leave the work area, even to perform basic necessities like eating or using the restroom. 
  11.  We are thankful for the food provided, but the conditions it’s given has caused several infections on most of the personnel and for which we aren’t treated and must go to a private physician and pay out of our pockets. All this caused by the food they give us.
  12. That we are provided a dignified health service, because the service we are given currently lacks the capacity to treat the personnel, thus making their work endless and exhausting. 
  13.  Improve our equipment to fight crime, because our uniforms aren’t just worn-out from use protecting the city, but they are handed down among us and sometimes we even need to buy our own equipment out of our pocket. 
  14.  Social Security, all elements have families to support and for whom we are the main providers. We should be granted extensive healthcare,housing credits and a way to make sure our families are going to be fine in case of decease. (We want to serve the people, but our families are also part of our support and solidarity)


Written by news sanmiguel