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After the shooting where the girls Xime and Elena died by stray bullets, their family and friends took to social networks to launch call for a demonstration in the name of all people suffering the loss of a loved one and the threat of crime.

“Complaining on Facebook is not enough, “people united will never be defeated”. Say the users who shared the call to action. 

“We must join the demonstration to demand justice, and that the tourists learn what’s going on in San Miguel!!!”

The demonstration is scheduled for this Friday, july 12th, to meet at 18:30 in the Plaza Cívica, and to start marching at 19:00 hours across downtown and arrive at 20:00 hours to the Jardín Principal. 

Requirements to join the demonstration:

  • Wear white clothes. Optionally some red stains simulating blood are acceptable.
  • The word “Justicia” can be painted with marker, also in placards and banners, along with phrases like “Más sueños y no balas!”
  • Bring a candle and a something to light them in the Jardín Principal and pray aloud the Lord’s Prayer in front of the San Miguel Arcángel church right at 20:15 hours, and finish the prayer yelling “JUSTICIA!”
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